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World Series Of Poker

The World Series of Poker is Considered THE Poker Tournament in The World. It is Held Every Year at Binions Horseshoe Casino, 128 Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Known as the Grand Daddy of all Poker Tournaments It Attracts the Worlds Best Poker Players. Winning the WSOP is the Ultimate Achivement in a Poker Players Career.

Started in 1970 by Benny Binion, The WSOP has Grown to Over 2,500 Players with The 2004 World Champion Taking Home 5 Million Dollars! The World Series of Poker is Televised Nationally Every Year.

And Anyone Can Win! In 2003, Chris Moneymaker, a 27 Year Old Who Won his Entry Playing Poker Online, Won the Championship and 2.5 Million Dollars. And He Had Never Played in A Live Tournament Before! And the 2004 Champion, Greg Raymer, Also Won His Entry Playing Online, for a $40 Investment!

In Addition to a Very Nice Payday, Each Winner of Each Individual Tournament is Also Given a Solid Gold WSOP Bracelet as a Momento of Their Win. A complete list of Bracelet Holders is Available Below, as Well as a List of The WSOP Top Money Winners of All Time.

World Series Of Poker 2004
Entries 2576
Prize Pool $24,214,400
1 Greg Raymer$5,000,000
2 David Williams $3,500,000
3 Josh Arieh $2,500,000
4 Dan Harrington $1,500,000
5 Glenn Hughes $1,100,000
6 Al Krux $800,000
7 Matt Dean $675,000
8 Mattias 'PokerMats' Andersson $575,000
9 Michael McClain $470,400
10 Marcel Luske $373,000
11 Dewey Archer $373,000
12 James Grimes $373,000
13 John Murphy $275,000
14 Kevin Bott $275,000
15 Eduard Scharf $275,000
16 William Erickson $175,000
17 Gary Jones $175,000
TIE Harry Demetriou $147,500
TIE Richard Fullerton $147,500
20 Robert Jarrett $120,000
21 Scott Carpenter $120,000
22 Hung La $120,000
23 Jason Sagle $120,000
24 David Truong $120,000
25 Davin Anderson $120,000

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